Experiments in Virtual Environments

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Welcome to the EVE Framework

The release of minor version adds EVE to Zenodo. Now you can link to the specific version of EVE you use in your experiment!

The release of version 1.2 updates EVE to Unity 2018 and adds features we developed over the last year. Below you find the tutorial for your first experiment with EVE. If you decide to work with EVE, you can also join our Q&A site and read the paper below.

Warning: There may be a slight issue with the MySQL Database when trying to generate a build. Please contact us for further instructions in case you bump into issues there.


We will provide you with a series of tutorials to get acquainted with all aspects of EVE. For now, there is only one tutorial showing you the basics.


We have set up a Q&A site for EVE where you can ask questions about anything EVE related. Whether you want to know if a certaine experiment could be run with EVE or you have questions about a particular feature of EVE, we are there to help you. If you would like to suggest a new feature, you can create an issue on our github repository.


If you want to use EVE please use the appropriate references listed below.

EVE Framework

You can read the paper on Springer Link and cite it as:

Grübel J., Weibel R., Jiang M.H., Hölscher C., Hackman D.A., Schinazi V.R. (2017) EVE: A Framework for Experiments in Virtual Environments. In: Barkowsky T., Burte H., Hölscher C., Schultheis H. (eds) Spatial Cognition X. Spatial Cognition 2016, KogWis 2016. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 10523. Springer, Cham

It can also be found with the doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-68189-4_10.

EVE with physiological sensors

Soon you can watch our video journal contribution on JoVE and cite it as:

Weibel R.P., Grübel J., Zhao H., Thrash T., Meloni D., Hölscher C., Schinazi V.R. (In Press) Virtual Reality Experiments with Physiological Measures. JoVE


The EVE framework is developped, coordinated and maintained by the Chair of Cognitive Science. You can visit our lab page on the project: Chair of Cognitive Science EVE Page.

For technical questions you can contact Jascha Grübel.

If your lab is considering using EVE, you can contact either Jascha Grübel or Victor Schinazi